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As technology exerts a greater influence on all aspects of our lives, CBRE's WORK_IT: Technology | Workplace | Jobs series examines the various dimensions and impacts of technological change in the workplace. The digital age is changing the face of business. While this has brought a myriad of advantages, it has also created significant challenges. Harnessed in the right way, technology can be an enormous asset. Yet many companies are struggling to comprehend and get to grips with the rapid pace at which technology is evolving.

Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology
Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology
Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology
Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology
Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology
Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology
Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology
Reshaping the Workplace: New Technology


How is Technology affecting the Workplace?

The ongoing Technology | Workplace | Jobs series uncovers what’s happening at the intersection of innovation and the workplace, today, tomorrow, and beyond. Learn more about what you need to be doing about it now.

WORK_IT: Technology | Workplace | Jobs in Asia Pacific

How technology will redefine real estate - and why companies must prepare now.

Consumer Analytics: Powering Retail Strategy

Explains how retail occupiers, investors and landlords are leveraging consumer analytics to optimise their real estate location strategies, operations and customer shopping experience.

Lease Administration Systems: Enhancing Portfolio Management

Explains the importance of lease administration systems to corporate real estate occupiers

Tenant Engagement Platforms: Digitising The Workplace Experience

Technology, demographics and rapidly evolving employee preferences are driving companies to think more profoundly about the role of the workplace in attracting and retaining talent.

Proptech - the emerging disruption in real estate

In proptech, three forms of technologies are particularly pertinent and pervasive: blockchain, augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

More "Tech | Work | Jobs" Series Articles

The Role of Real Estate in Smart City Development

Learn how real estate has a key role to play in Smart City development and is also set to be one of the major beneficiaries of this new technology.

Real Estate Analytics Transforming Data with Intelligence

Explores the application of business intelligence tools in the real estate industry.

Arrival of the Tech Age - Is India CRE ready to embrace the change?

Technology has become a key differentiator in the way of how companies conduct business operations.

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Revolutionising Real Estate

Examines how virtual and augmented reality 3D technology is being deployed in the corporate real estate arena.

Fintech challenges traditional financial sector

FinTech is posing to traditional banks and the ways in which they are responding.

Property Technology: Disruptor or Enabler?

A candid overview of property tech and how it may disrupt or enable the industry.

How Technology Will Redefine Real Estate and Why Companies Must Prepare Now

Examines the various dimensions and impacts of technological change in the workplace.

Bettering employee experience through technology

How new technology is helping us overcome common workplace frustrations and improving employee experience.

Disruption in the Indian IT Sector and the Implications for Corporate Real Estate

The Indian IT sector faces several major challenges in 2017 – but these same disruptions are set to create a number of longer term opportunities.

How Job Automation Will Reshape Corporate Office Demand

How automation will impact office based employment in APAC.

The future of corporate real estate: How technology will shape the next decade March 2017

Explains how these trends will present unique challenges and opportunities for corporate real estate organisations in the coming years.

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